Francesco Aprile (1985-06-03, Lecce, Italy): Free lance journalist, contributor, poet and visual-poet, graduated in Philosphy, in 2010 he became member of the literary movement called New Page – Narrativa in store founded in 2009 by Francesco Saverio Dòdaroand for which he published 22 brief novels and 2 poetry – in store; he worked as a press agent, secretary, editing exhibition and critical works of the authors belonging to this movement; In 2010 he edited releases of the movement (New Page) in the newspaper Il Paese Nuovo. In 2012, for New Page, he worked as teacher with Giovanna Rosato at Biblioteca Comunale Gino Rizzo (Cavallino, Le – ITA): They propose an laboratory of literary research for guys, and they have realised the poiesis like approach ethnographic-pedagogical. Since march 2013 the cure of this movement is at two voice: F. S. Dòdaro – F. Aprile. In April 2011 he founded the group of research and artistic protest Contrabbando Poetico, subscribing the first manifesto. In 2012 the group Contrabbando Poetico is intertwined with Unconventional Press (research on the media, independent editions founded by F. Aprile – C. Caggiula). Critical and theoretical works, literary papers are spread over daily newspapers and magazines. He studies the new frontiers of the languages of research. His works of visual-poetries are archived at libraries and museums, italians and strangers, like as the Poetry Library (London), the Akademie der Künste (Berlin).

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