The Idea of Unseen Forces


Harborings of pitch-crimson sublimation go on where animal hulk reigns and the smaller must often turn elsewhere.

A strong arm, firm grip, rule of the powerful, and tenacity that grows accompany uncountable numbers in the realm of remote consequences of what we’re doing.

A representative painting of this room needs to show the spectrum of waves in the air with infinitesimal flashes of impact starting or ending here, linking molecules and words to others in Bangladesh or Argentina, Columbia or Madrid, in the atmosphere and oceans, wheat fields and hair.

Evolving pteropods prism within the spectrum where mollusks echo one another and tiny raw-hatched white spiders drip, scrambling over one another, out of their adhesive white pod.

The oceans slowly dissolve the sky, even the time heavy Indonesian rains had little option but cashing in on the unaccommodated and burning riddles of coal



A Scent of Light Rain Lifts from the Streets


Mausoleums of music now at risk go barreling down roads in long-haul trailers. Honeybees roll to a next farming industry. As light shifts, the rare eggs of threatened species appear in bronze elevators of microscopic entities yet to be named.

On coliseum scoreboards, chalk-dark pumas surface behind the prime. Upending curves in the drop of a scarf turn up in multicolored anonymity, saying trust what’s here as you can.

Kandinsky and Michelangelo walk gesturing through the plaza in which centuries turn sentient one to the next at the speed of thawing tundra.

Coated with sea-stalk brines, shadows of multiple animal-faced sails descend on the nearby private drives for possessions.

In work weeks of rain, water has been everything smoldering at the core of organisms. The ice face calves as the scent of a light rain lifts steaming from streets in the summer.






James Grabill’s poems have appeared in numerous periodicals such as Harvard Review, Shenandoah, Stand (UK), The Oxonian Review (UK), Magma (UK), New York Quarterly, South Dakota Review, Ur Vox, Re Dactions, The Bitter Oleander, Urthona (UK), East West Journal, Willow Springs, kayak, Caliban, The Common Review, and others. His books of poems include Poem Rising Out of the Earth and Standing Up in Someone (Oregon Book Award winner, 1995) and An Indigo Scent after the Rain (Lynx House Press, 2003). He lives in Oregon, where he has taught writing, literature (Shakespeare, the Beats), and ‘systems thinking’ relative to sustainability.

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