The bruise on her leg was changing,
breaking and turning colors, blue, bright
green, sickly yellow. She didn’t want the bruise
to fade. It was something
different and she liked it. In the
shower, she gently shaved over
its pattern, a continent after
climate change, torn and beautiful
from afar.


To be a young woman who always matches
the furniture, is to be the most
popular girl in town. It’s a strange
affliction, to take to a room like that. Her
looks, already handsome, her hair waving
to the floor like draperies, eyes inevitably
matching a pattern and color scheme no one
had even noticed.

At parties, she was an object of
fun, a drinking game for someone to find
the houseplant that resembled her long and
wilting fingers.

Women became jealous of her and began to call
ahead to inquire of the restaurant’s décor, so they
could hunch at such an angel that one might suspect
them as archways.

The girl only accepted dates from blind men who still
fingered her earlobes and delightfully found they
matched the doorknob.

She missed her sister who was born with
mirrored eyes, and would cheer her up by
saying, Look into my eyes. We match!

Shanti Weiland is author of the chapbook Daughter En Route and winner of the Joan Johnson award in poetry.  She received her Ph.D. in English at University of Southern Mississippi and currently teaches at University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa.  Her poetry and essays are featured in Slab, Coe Review, The Cherry Blossom Review, Broken Bridge Review, The Rockhurst Review, Mochila Review, The Alembic:  An International Magazine, The New Delta, Dispatch One, Plum Biscuit, The Gihon Review, Rio: A Journal of Arts, Steam Ticket, Diceybrown, Seven Seas Magazine, and the anthology Great American Poetry Show. She is currently working on her manuscript, A Beautiful, Fuchsia Hell.

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