staretime happiness



This time we Exchange hats The martian has no hat no hat

to begin with And neither does the jester The martian tells

about exuberance using its hands and using some music

That this was heard in the places forsaken Where the jester was


the jester was to listen to the pump of dead aloe

History forgets a song in triple time however we clamp in

time However we clamp in shoes as the clown in half-mist Then

the jester is quiet and quite more quiet than the martian Than

the mute in the energy Therefore yes or no a jester at all

yes or no at all?


In the midst of this exchange The jester would hand

off its hat The martian was that intrigued

enough to become the jester





day streaks




please dehydrate        this superstitious petiole


A pumping emanates from

underneath refrigerator

the embers Too many lights

turned on tonight On

the mattress couch two

sitting A light covered in


Mistakes in chlorophyll


Center a cooler-sized

unconscious-friend and fructose

roasting on the accents a lost

x-ray of leaves-without


tie-up-the-fissures        wring them out like dried fruit         with fissures

ever seen skin so?


chambered canisters

but they were only the potential

taking swabs of taking swabs        for that life’s-a-peasant coma’s-a-

drool        that waiting standing’s a droll

Soared while beckoning

Goes while germinating

Ebullient while Taking swabs

while passerine whether

it’s wrong worm


I run to hitch the doornails hitch

them somewhere A coda to offspring–


–Enter phosphorescent porn liminal porn

baby you make me real opening up as opposed to approaching

another litany a worm warbler so each-day-pass-an-heartache


Enter dredging        nodular carousel and diaphanous petiole

ahead emergency embers actually it was quite-nigh-stopped-around


the ambulance overflown dredged        incautious-of absence-

of-light-leaks        our lives are shaking they want us earthworm

phosphorescent coppice         dewormed-canoe-thru-where

once-ambulance-dredged        the dehydrated earthworm

the mistake in chlorophyll Mucous

seeps out your birthmark-like-bodily-the-organ in the corridor

mugshot of chlorophyll         motel bed motel lamp        motel blanket

 soft advertisements






Born into a family of political exiles and raised between Las Vegas and Cincinnati, Valerie Hsiung is a poet, playwright, screenwriter, and musician. She has two books, incantation inarticulate and under your face out with O Balthazar Press in 2013. Her latest and forthcoming work can be found in American Letters & Commentary, Denver Quarterly, DIAGRAM, Juked, Pen Poetry Series, and VOLT.


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