What Sklar Wants

Socks without potatoes, beef and kidney pie. Sunday anemones and disquieting positions in the ranks. Coats indoors and redcoats on the floors. Someone whispering, It’s a tired machine, that one. And then let’s bounce to be said, if there’s to be bouncing said. To pretend there are no socks without potatoes when in fact there are none. Canopies, but only in Prague, where water conceals itself in a glass. Canapés noplace. Pre-acts more than words. Philosophers sitting in corners with high unrimmed hats but no stars either. Clouds and more debts of clouds. London broil, first as a dish. Even London will, eventually, if in whispers. No scissors, please, on the grass. Now to repeat itself, and in doing it, cutting itself in half. The new low bed, the returning to it, with his flowers.



As if there were a way to chase away spiders I hide, when I sleep, under my garlicky dog. The markers and hands on my deep diver glow yet, having faced the sun for thirty years. It is hard to tell the bites from other things, once they have stopped making tiny scab-topped cones. They leak clear fluid when I uncap them. The wind blows most nights away. Most nights I watch a movie that I myself have chosen and paid for. Dear Sandrine Bonnaire. Then I write to you. Not that beauty speaks, or dares. Then I lie down and wait. The leaves arc in the lampshade, incarnadine as those that children choose from a maple (because they look like hands) to send to soldiers in the fall, or reseda as the beams on April’s underbelly. I look at my legs, their exclusive muscles and veins. I paint my sores with phosphor. In the dark I lie dotted with baby stars.


Theodore Worozbyt’s work has recently appeared or is forthcoming in Antioch Review, Best American Poetry, Crazyhorse, The Iowa Review, The Mississippi Review 30 Year Anthology, New England Review, Po&sie, Poetry, Sentence, Shenandoah, The Southern Review, TriQuarterly Online and Quarterly West.
His first book, The Dauber Wings (Dream Horse Press, 2006), won the American Poetry Journal Book Prize, and his second, Letters of Transit, won the 2007 Juniper Prize and was published by UMass Press. Scar Letters, a chapbook, is online at Beard of Bees Press. “Objectless Fragments” appears in the premier issue of The Chapbook. The City of Leaving and Forgetting, a new chapbook, is just out in Country Music.

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