Determined Mists of Holy Insurrection


Coded for striving by laws of inner direction, or else a stoic fire yearning for life, this sleeping through the labyrinthine shadows, through the dawns of torment, through the snarling syntax of indigenous fires, comes by way of a devotion to a “holy insurrection” of poetic effusions, either implied or oblique; the poet as seer, and/or philosopher, radiates juxtaposed allusions and tart cynicism, intoxicated by visits from translunar beings, with the hope the poetry transcends its material, even in spite of a plethora of bad scribblings by bearing the unknown costs of our infertile mortality and imbecilic dosages of life;  also, found throughout the archetypes of fire, water and light, any strange poetry gets synthesized in the “poetisphere”, with many of the images coming from ancestral root fires, from ancient dreams, perhaps from the eloquent stammers of melancholy gods; this occurs because the development of the imagination is done through a synthesis of contradictions, that is, through a freezing fire found in one’s individual metaphoric alchemy …




Chez Lunatique


Fresh visits to Chez Lunatique, this destiny spot which lurks here somewhere in the ruins of the unread leaves, where the reach exceeds the grasp, in this wayward world of no boundaries, this whirled work done in the complicated shadows, absorbing various ambient influences of lunatic fashion, with vague partners in ambiguity serving as angles of collateral influence, only then to fall back upon a unique inventory of scars; and, by some duly diligent promiscuous thinking, we have internal teardowns on fresh errors like you’ve never seen, even while we look rough by talking polished, this done through transparently rewriting ourselves, referencing all that is not-so-obvious by a revived focus made fast and furious, done as we watch the language bleed next to where the shadows intersect, only to smell a blue silence under a fastly fading archaic sky …






Still residing in Northern California, Matt Hill is a sculptor and poet working within the process known as Disjunctive Synthesis.  A new poetry ebook, Amalgamated Fragments, was published by Differentia Press, December, 2013.



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