If I was to throw a ball at thirty mph
next to a man running at forty mph
then it would appear that the ball was
traveling backwards. To the man,
of course. To me it would appear as if
I was in the presence of an abnormally
fast man and that I need to hit the gym.
The man would probably share my
assessment on both accounts although
we would still perceive the ball differently.
The direction of travel, not the fact
that I have a pretty shitty arm and that
the ball was moving abnormally slow.
Although how could he really tell
considering the fact that he was moving
abnormally fast? Could I really consider
him a reliable judge of velocity?

say I wrote you a letter, folded it into
a paper airplane, and had someone with
a slightly better arm than me send it flying
at forty mph. The man would perceive
the letter as static. Both the man and the letter
would arrive on your doorstep at 6:01 EST
with the sun setting in the distance. To me
the sun would appear to be at its highest
point. The ink would have run leaving
the message unreadable. You would
quickly realize that I was the only person
with whom you still communicated through
letters. You would email me your reply
forgetting that I don’t own a computer.
I would write you more love letters
forgetting you don’t care for romance.
The abnormally fast man would finally
stop running remembering he forgot
milk on the way home.












David Walker loves to teach, write, and hang out with his fiancée, Caitlin, and their kitten, Eva. His fiction and poetry appears or is forthcoming in Words Dance, Cactus Heart, Diversion Press, Paper Nautilus, and others. He is also the founding editor for Golden Walkman Magazine, a literary magazine in the form of a podcast (

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