i’m at full tilt;
maximum futility;
i’m running at death;
death to the head
so i can understand— 

i don’t want
any soluble difference
to be made
out of all the sand
in the world;

time is simply fear;
a fear in the middle
of my ears; death to the head
so i can understand
how here i am—








well, little boy blue, i live now
in an english-based estate
and am learning its fake;
i could afford another
millennium of mistakes,
but it’s also true
i’ll thus be who,
reproduced and reproduced; 

but in finding the brightness
in the repetition,
i can finally have my cake—







John Harper attended the Iowa Writers’ Workshop; some of his poems have been published by literary journals like Diagram, Mid-American Poetry Review, Cutbank, Spinning Jenny, Ray Road’s Review, and Zoland Poetry. His chapbook, Peek-a-Boo Terrain, was published by Little Partner Press. He likes living at this present time.

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