(Note: Creation, as calculated by Bishop James Ussher, was the night preceding Sunday, October 23, 4004 BC —which means the fall, Eve’s fall, the day when she stared into the eyes of the saurian and said, yes, yes, I will, might have been an autumn day.)

Later that fall, knowing then the cold, the clothing of autumn air with leaves, always remembering the snake, his blandishments and begging, his coaxing: fall. And she goes down again to that place like warm down in the fallow recesses of this season of iridescent light playing on the water’s edge, dimming in the crepuscule over rotting apples, burst brown in the decaying arms of the fall; in this season unknown in the jejune days of the garden, where all was perpetually young, perpetually whole, without blemish or age, where gravity had no power and nothing needed to fail and fall in the imperfections of loss and overripe flesh.

The apples glisten in the dying sun. She sees a small viper dart into the pile of fruit.





Larissa Shmailo is the editor of the new anthology, Twenty-first Century Russian Poetry and is the founder of The Feminist Poets in Low-Cut Blouses. Her translation of A. Kruchenych’s Victory over the Sun was used for the Los Angeles County Museum’s landmark restaging of the multimedia zaum opera and continues to be taught and performed internationally. Larissa’s poetry, essays, and criticism have appeared in The Common, Barrow Street, Drunken Boat, FulcrumSensitive Skin, Gargoyle, Rattapallaxpoetry.about.com, Jacket, and the anthologies Words for the Wedding (Penguin) and Contemporary Russian Poetry (Dalkey Archive). Her books of poetry are In Paran (BlazeVOX [books]), the chapbook A Cure for Suicide (Cervena Barva Press), and the e-book Fib Sequence (Argotist Ebooks); her poetry CDs are The No-Net Worldand Exorcism, available on Spotify, iTunes, and other music outlets. She received the New Century Music Awards for poetry with jazz, electronica, and rock, and “Best Album” for Exorcism.

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