Asked by my Dining Partner, “What Color is the Sky on the Planet You’re Living on?” I Consider the Possibilities


When I aspired to the title, “Man of the World,”
I assumed it would be this one.
Natch, I wanted my thoughts to colonize
Zero-G where they would never age,
but I staked my black and red rep tie
on Planet Piano Bar in Café Society.
O that Shakespeherian rag.
I was as elegant as ten lords a leaping.
Now, I read Sky and Telescope like a second-story
man ready to blow town.
CoRoT 7-b: rocky, relatively close, best offer accepted –
sign me up and I’ll be your Video Ranger.
I’m tired of tripping over the cardboard headstones.
In my bat-wing collar, I can achieve escape velocity.







Chris Bullard is a native of Jacksonville, FL. He lives in Collingswood, NJ, and works for the federal government as an Administrative Law Judge. He received his BA from the University of Pennsylvania and his MFA from Wilkes University. Plan B Press published his chapbook, You Must Not Know Too Much, in 2009. Big Table Publishing published his second chapbook, O Brilliant Kids, in 2011. WordTech Editions has accepted his book of poetry, Back, for publication in 2013. Kattywompus Press has accepted his chapbook, Dear Leatherface, for publication in 2013.

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