during my convalescence I stayed
with my dark haired girlfriend who was
political and there were many comings
and goings early in the morning and late
at night. this was new to me and
as mysterious as her bank account.

one midnight there were fierce young men
talking about a frog wounded by a shark.
the frog was translucent and
large with a shape in its abdomen
moving or not moving
swallowed or gestated.

the big frog leaked poison from its skin and
small frogs came. bitter tasting
frogs which floated like oil kicking their
spindly legs lazily and they overwhelmed
the shark with greasy glandular
secretions and small bites.

I feared these men and read the
papers scared and wary but
they kept coming over
watched nature programs and
laughed at odd and savage things.


Philippe Shils works as a physician assistant in Decatur Illinois. He’s has work in many print and online journals including Rattle, Sixth Finch, B O D Y, and 2River View. An online and expanded print chapbook about life with his disabled daughter published by Right Hand Pointing is available at https://sites.google.com/site/luciapoems/author-1 More links and information at www.philshils.com

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