What She Didn’t Say Matters Most

You are a ghost and a rock,
your dented skull I want to cradle.

My voice is your tiny screams lost
in the black plastic waves of a garbage

bag, left on the sidewalk the night
before trash day. I could’ve been you.

Mothers who slink down alleys clutching
their purses and emerge lighter one child,

one burden, one boulder
that threatened to sink the whole ship

can be understood, but not by us.
No worries, the good Captain has taken

care of all that. Our mother is a sound
vessel and you are the pebble that threatened to keep

growing. The doctor was not really a doctor.
The man my mother slept with for revenge

was a good man before he met her.
Loose hips sink ships. Now he knows.

You be the waves that rock the boat
and I’ll be the wind that carries you.

This red sky, I made for you. I promise,
the ship of her will never sail again.


Crystal Condakes is a graduate of the Creative Writing Program at Boston University. She has also studied at The Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown, MA. Condrakes has had poems recently published in The Prompt (volume 3) and Oddball Magazine. She is a frequent contributor to The Improbable Places Poetry Tour which brings poetry to small businesses in Beverly, MA (the poet’s hometown). Condrake’s poem, “What She Didn’t Say Matters Most” was inspired by “The Abortion Museum” by Amanda Auchter on Madhattersreview.com.

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  1. Very interesting blog, looking forward to more wonderful!

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