Racking the Spices

a scream
for better paramecia

the toothless shore of a begging sea

vindaloo purchase restored
the hyphen-danger risk renewed
wagers bet across dried water

no candle left to light
the shoreline window’s slow death


the bored dream
spice and wet flavors

whether the dice cross on relay

or legless rumors
withholding their master’s ease
in the rail booth


cells divide enigma
leaving clarity or search
for other

to flavor the pan’s burning oil




Vernon Frazer’s most recent books of poetry include T(exto)-V(isual) Poetry and Unsettled Music. Enigmatic Ink has published Frazer’s new novel, Field Reporting. Frazer’s web site is http://www.vernonfrazer.net. Bellicose Warbling, the blog that updates his web page, can be read at bellicosewarbling.blogspot.com”. His work, including the long poem “IMPROVISATIONS,” may also be viewed at Scribd.com. In addition to writing poetry and fiction, Frazer also performs his poetry, incorporating text and recitation with animation and musical accompaniment on YouTube. Frazer is married. 

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2 Responses to One Poem by Vernon Frazer

  1. Stefani says:

    What a beautiful poem!

  2. Stefani says:

    Once again I feel deeply moved by Vernon’s poetry. Thank you for publishing it.

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