Meeting Her

She opens the door and is nothing like what I expect. She’s so…old. Well, not old, but older than the famous her, the her that was all over the news and is popping up in history books just four years later.

Her blonde hair is more golden, not the single shade of platinum from before. Her eyes look tired but her skin is radiant and if she would only smile she would be beautiful.

My mouth opens and silence pours out. I stumble over what to say in my mind. I thought about
her, about what she did, about how it changed my life and stole my sister from me. I thought
about how I would feel and what I would do, but never what I would say.

But this moment means nothing to her, so she can speak freely.


H.E. Saunders is a writer, editor, reviewer, and general book lover. Saunders is a freelance editor specializing in fiction manuscripts and STM projects. In her free time, Saunders runs a book review/author interview blog, The Dying Book Affair.

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