MadHat Press is proud to present Dear Robert by Lysette Simmons, winner of the Wild & Wyrd Chapbook Contest, judged by the inimitable CAConrad, who writes:


Dear Robert stole my heart!!  Lysette Simmons is one of my new favorite poets, and I can’t wait to see what she writes for us next!!Carol Novack died before the release of this book, sadly, so we hold these poems up in her memory of generosity!!


In the words of Brian Kim Stefans:


Dear Robert combines sonic invention and metafictional
whimsy with the wit of a stand-up. “But with well trimmed / hair, so
much / inaction, how could you always / rattle my shoulders?”
Teetering within a welter of voices — at one point flirtatious, the
next melancholic, the next blandly epistolary or convulsively Surreal
— the poems tell a story best described as addresses to the Unknown,
appeals for certainty from a damsel haplessly “in flux.” These are no
ordinary “all-over” collage poems in the line of Ashbery or Berrigan
but a full-blown experience in a spectral, stochastic poetics
reflecting a singular intelligence.


Dear Robert is available now as an e-book, on, and from MadHat Press:




Susan Lewis & Marc Vincenz

The Editors


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