MadHat Annual, Issue 15 “Eye On the World” features relevant, lucid, and provocative poetry, fiction, drama, multimedia, audio, and visual art by artists from all over the planet. Thanks to the great work of editors Marc Vincenz, Susan Lewis, Clare L. Martin, Max Maxwell, Alexander Cigale, j/j hastain, CamillE Bacos, and Melissa Stern, as well as the hard work of Shirley Turner Harshenin and F.J. Bergmann, and  Contributing Editors Lynn Alexander, Ann Bogle, Amy Marie Bucciferro, Jeff Davis, Marja Hagborg, Marc Lowe, Larissa Shmailo,  and Gene Tanta.

To the brilliant artists whose contributions have made “Eye on the World” possible, THANK YOU. 

Be sure to view/experience the special video collaboration, “Refuge,” by our late founder, Carol Novack, and artist Jean Detheux.

Tighten your grip and take your brain to the limit!



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