You’re beautiful he says.  He touches her face, her hands, strokes her hair.  She lets him, she is polite, she is quiet.  You’re a good girl he says.  He lifts his shirt, shows her a row of bruises, smokes his cigarette.  She looks, sees a thin scar that goes from his chest down into his jeans.  He leans in, rubs his lips on her cheek.  She reaches out, pinches his shirt between her fingers, thin, ribbed cotton, a too many times washed white.  His soft leather jacket is next to her on the blue bedspread.  What are you doing here he asks.  He touches her leg now.  She leans back on his bed, stares up at the cracks on the white ceiling.  His eyes are in the shadow.  The sound of a siren passes on the street beyond the window.  She says I don’t know.


Molly Fuller received her MA from Ohio University and her MFA from Sarah Lawrence College. Her prose and poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in Union Station Magazine, Potomac, Calliope, 94 Creations, Crack the Spine, Quickly, and Hot Metal Bridge. Her flash sequence “Hold Your Breath” is forthcoming in the Marie Alexander Flash Sequence Anthology (White Pine Press). She is also the author of three chapbooks: The Neighborhood Psycho Dreams of Love (Cutty Wren Press), Tender the Body (Spare Change Press), and All My Loves (forthcoming from All Nations Press). She lives in Ohio.

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