to be as where well, one should be. there is no other way about it. to be as one should be, well, to be as one should. there is a way about it. to be as where, no no no, to be where as one should be is the way one should be about it. this is right, the way one is, the way one is is right, unpleasant. right way one is, is this right? one is right this way. yes. pleasant. never been seen never been. never been heard never been. never been watched never been listened never been. been watching. been listening. always watching or listening in silence of course. watching or listening in silence. it’s a necessity. cause a fire inside if you think about it. it’s the way it should be. fiery. no… not inside. think about it, a fire inside. should be another way. not inside, unpleasant. watch the fire about, listen to the fire about. yes. watch and listen to the fire. yes, pleasant. another one on the chalkboard. or bedstead. the chalkboardbedstead. or the chalkbedboadstead. the chalksteadbedboard. it’s all one to me. never been seen. but rack them up like a lady of the night. no, wrong. rack them up like a… like a man of the morning. yes. nicer. nicer ring. nicer connotations. to me. never been a night person. never been a person. i am a people unto myself. no, a night person. yes. not a morning person, neither in morning or mourning. does not suit. the night is for me. i am a knight of the night. a crude and indelicate phrase. an ugly one. i take it back. both of them. for now at least. let me try and get better, let me try to improve. no. let me improve to get better and try to try. yes. or let me get better in improving. either one. different meanings but both true so the reductionist in me enjoys them. i’ve said too much. can’t be helped. well… it can be helped. but only in the way outside the inside outside the body outside the… you understand and this is how i feel.






Owen Wynne Jones is a student, living, working and writing in London. He has had several short stories published and will soon also have a play published.

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