by Philip Fried

For a container with more panache than a pot,
Consider repurposing a snifter that still
Bears the aura of brandy and invest

In an upscale model—Mikasa Flame d’Ore,
Anchor Hocking, Libbey Ounce Embassy—
Rather than rinsing out a pickle jar.

Avoid fretting over the types of plants
Or ceramic figures—Abu Sayyaf style,
Haqqani variety—that will populate

Your micro-environment. Instead, adopt
A theme like woodland ambush or explosion
Of growth in an urban setting, and the design

Elements will fall into place. Select
Leaves suitable for camouflage, and heighten
The drama by cutting headlines into leaf-

Like shapes, triangular, oval, and lanceolate.
Then, if you opted for ample Tupperware
And have the room, critters like fire-belly newts

And paradise fish can be both pet and totem.
And if you mix soil and peat moss with nervous sweat,
The growing medium can be prepared at home.

Fenced-off small backyards provide abundant
Rocks, gravel, sticks, wood, seedpods, bark, and similar
Items to be shaped according to bias

And bent, while tape loops can simulate a crescendo
Of public alerts, from low to imminent.
Finally, to achieve the goal—creating

A self-sufficient and-perpetuating
System that satisfies your need—please note
A true Terrorium should be tightly closed.

* * *

Philip Fried’s most recent book, Early/Late: New and Selected Poems (Salmon, 2011), was called “skillful and memorable” by Publishers Weekly. In the fall of 2013, Salmon will bring out Interrogating Water and Other Poems.

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6 Responses to How-to by Philip Fried

  1. Whenever sad Futurama episodes are brought up, it’s always “Jurassic Bark”, “Sting”, and “The Luck of the Fryrish” that are mentioned. These are all emotional episodes, but I always wonder why nobody includes “The Late Philip J. Fry.” Sure it had a happy ending, but it was a sad episode, was it not?

    • Wiseman says:

      The AbedoonedGnddass of color, Goddess of light The lost who make their way hereThe abandonedThe forlornThe lonelyThe souls apart… they are not aloneExpelled from the divine well spring of eternityInto the arms of mothers that set us aside… we waitAlone, in the dark night of the caged-body soulTill our hand is touchedAnd the soul is freed(inspired by the immersive imagination of the Goddess Bryn Oh)

    • J-CMes fautes de frappe:il faut lire –.. ».le profil ( sans S), » des utilisateurs de..– »créé par une banque–certainement… »et non PART une banque,cvertainement….( !)Comme vous l´avez remarqué,nous sommes lus par un obsédé de l´orthographe….

    • It's true that it's not a defense and it shouldn't give ppl license to say whatever they want.. but I guess, it's like a "warning"… like i shouldn't say it but i still am going to..but that's freedom of speech.. to say what u want. even if u shouldn't.yikes. i use it too every once in awhile.. shoots =p

    • Hallo allerseits, vor allem in und um Heilbronn,ein gewisser Herr Mappus eröffnet heute um 16 Uhr das Weindorf Heilbronn -es wird ihm hoffentlich gehörig eins gepfiffen, oder?

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