Dear Gentle Readers and Discerning Creators:

Some of you will know that MadHat Lit is planning to launch its new look imminently. Ideally, the new MadHat Lit will be issued on a tri-quarterly basis, featuring the best in poetry, fiction, non-fiction, art and everything else we have come to know as the bite of MadHat. For those of you who have been waiting to view your newly minted work, we thank you kindly for your patience. Sometimes the hand can be quicker than the eye, in particular when it comes to tech. We think you will agree that the wait was more than worth it. Keep your eyes peeled, for in a few days all will be revealed.

Thank you all for your patience and love of literature.

– The Editors

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9 Responses to Hold on to your hats! The New MadHat Lit to Release Imminently

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