Gossamer 24


summerose: fetalribbed grasprasps,

waiststrained in anubis teeth,

cranked and wanked, cranked and wanked,

into place, finches peckfucked

in sunflowers; caterpillars slumpowered

in parsley, the plumpdrunk machines

of mosquitoes drumdusking

itches into nausea like

another sexless instar of night


in bed with phantom shames;

good gods light my love thighs,

shinsplinter into demirays

mouthwise nounspace;

it is me you see when it sighs.







Andrew Brenza‘s  poems have appeared in or are forthcoming from Word For/Word, GlitterPony, Sawbuck, The Scrambler, Jellyfish, Shampoo, Strange Horizons, and/or, Infinity’s Kitchen, REM Magazine, and Prick of the Spindle, among others. He lives in New Jersey with his wife, a poet and food writer, and his tech-savvy son.

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