I don’t know you    but I’m calling    a love letter
typed and signed    excavates some artifacts
is a real thing    in a chat room   park places
hit a snare   the song bears your name    how
you fossilize home    bad TV and cold pizza   you
text message    I know you    is a trap    dialing
the wrong babysitter   souls alive    eats a mid-
night snack    is a part of the pig    salt mill and
pepper mill    occasional rain    insert a comment
step on marble steps    alone in the wilderness
I have a name    is going on strike    how many
things    the namesake of appetizer    writes with








a dagger   help me    would you   and other tales
is the next act   is a song by Loretta Lynn    you
missed it     no pop no style    a becoming dress
goes stag   the space between    will you still love
me tomorrow   describes an orgasm   down for
the count    what is that name   like a planet   drinks
a Campari drink    shots on goal    wait for brilliance
the entrance to the cave     is now synced    in
a new notebook   store closing    second chances
is a film by Robert Altman    I was living   fictive
elements   a champagne glass    has imagination
left to die    what is now flying remains flying







when I think     about you    these are things
I think     likes his own photo    a documentary
by   a high school senior    are you cool to drive
just stop or rewind    armpits    is a film by
the freewheelin’ Cassavettes   the dross in tin
makes a moniker of you    the daffodils   does
not do    take action    by date updated   walked
you to your door    Bull’s blood of Eger   puts in
bronze   a boilermaker    no harm done    do you
like me I guess    is a lyric by    Fugazi
because you’re young     but if not   I love you
so much    halfway home    means what it means









Scott Hammer is the author of the poetry chapbook Mock Draw. His writing has recently appeared in places like Smoking Glue Gun, Vector Press, ILK Journal and NAP. He is currently writing in Philadelphia. Follow at: scotthammer.tumblr.com


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One Response to From “Hit A Snare” by Scott Hammer

  1. Sam Rasnake says:

    A strong poem. Wonderful read.

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