[24001 ­ 25000]


Cycling the rutted Yangtze, Saint­Pierre
of the tinfoil sauerkraut is flung against
a low­pitched abutment, carapace un­
damaged. This confrontation of breastbone
& misbehavior bewilders our half­
pint, doddering, polytheistic old­
timer, this maverick bottling co­
existence with anticlimax—
sentencing watercress to newfangled
semicolon. Hah! To trope on cinnabar
is to dislocate a bonanza of
spermatozoa & incertitude, where
to inhere is to impinge, where to bash
is to electrify.


* * *


Peter J Grieco is a former university writing instructor who has published around 100 poems over the past five years. He is currently studying mathematics in Buffalo, NY, his native city. He enjoys studying French and composing songs for the guitar. You can find some of his music at: http://www.youtube.com/user/pjgrieco and can contact him there as well.

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