A line from Diego Rivera

The latest iteration of a
populist meme that’s
easy to create, copy, &
disseminate, with numbers
superimposed for use
with an identification key,
explains the downfall of
the Ottoman Empire. It’s
a very specific feeling, a
semantic color mapping
with sustained notes that
trail off into such agonizing
poetry, a stunning skyline
view repeated in gardens
across the world. It goes
really well with red wine.

A line from Joan Miró

His favorite goth girl
is a random number
generator who brings an
intuitive user experience
to the creation of her
paintings. It tells her
when a box of matches
contains a secret life.

geographies: Rozelle

The spatio-temporal
behavior of a single
monolithic black pole
can be semantically
described by chunky
turquoise jewelry set
into silver. But. I am
getting a bit ahead
of myself. I’m still
trying to find if a
billowy little yellow
dress in washable
pyroxlin plastic will
provide good electrical
conductivity & be
easily incorporated
into all the huge billboards
of the city
that carry this story.

A line from Sitting Bull

The Tel Aviv Stock
Exchange trend was
mixed today. Hundreds
of Winnipeggers were
disappointed. India
will hold its first
Grand Prix this
weekend. Cattle theft
is rampant. Villagers
in Cameroon will
soon get fresh French
bread every morning.
The poverty rate in the
state is on the rise.
The pangolin is on the
brink of extinction. Wizkid
owns a significant
portion of the pop
music market. The
leading NHS blood
processing laboratory
has been threatened
with closure. Severe
weather conditions have
swept across the region.
I have an area of poor
drainage that misses the
embrace of the sun.


* * *

Mark Young has been publishing poetry for nearly fifty-five years. His work has been widely anthologized, & his essays & poetry translated into a number of languages. He is the author of more than twenty books, primarily poetry but also including speculative fiction & art history. New e-books are due out soon from Quarter After Press & The Red Ceilings Press.

He is the editor of the ezine Otoliths, & lives on the Tropic of Capricorn in Australia.


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2 Responses to Four Poems by Mark Young

  1. Ian Ganassi says:

    Reminds me of a line that has stayed with me but whose source I don’t remember: “Stocks rose on news of the second coming. My ass.”

  2. Ian Ganassi says:

    reminds me of the line
    “Stocks rallied on news of the second coming. My ass.”

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