A Bad Day



I blew out the front tire of my bike, trying to hop it over the curb at 6th Street and Avenue C.

“Fucking shit,” I muttered, dismounting to check out the bent spokes and twisted rim.  I’d have to walk my busted bike back to my apartment building, then carry it up the four flights to my cluttered railroad flat where I’d try to fix it.

Freeze,” a guy with a brown bag over his forearm hissed. “I got a gun in here that says I now own some wheels.  Take your hands off the bike and walk away and don’t look back or I’ll fucking kill you!”

I returned to my apartment to find the door kicked in and the lock smashed.  All of my good stuff, such as it was, was gone.

I walked over to Avenue A and bought a new lock and a sandwich and then went back to my building.  As I entered a voice called out from the darkness under the stairwell: “Stick ‘em up!”

What the fuck!” I said, “I just got robbed! I got nothing left!”

“What’s in the bag?” the voice asked.

“A new lock and a sandwich,” I answered.

“Hand ‘em over,” the voice said.

“Can I at least keep the sandwich?” I asked.

“No,” the voice answered.


* * *


Ron Kolm is one of the founding members of the Unbearables literary collective, and an editor of several of their anthologies, the most recent being The Unbearables Big Book of Sex! Ron is a contributing editor of Sensitive Skin magazine and the editor of the Evergreen Review. He is the author of The Plastic Factory and the co-author, with Jim Feast, of the novel, Neo Phobe. A collection of his poems, Divine Comedy, was published by Fly By Night Press last year, and a new one, Suburban Ambush, has just come out from Autonomedia.  He’s had work published in Live Mag!, Gathering of the Tribes, the Poetry Super Highway, Urban Graffiti, MungBeing and the Outlaw Bible of American Poetry. Kolm’s papers were purchased by the New York University library, where they’ve been cataloged in the Fales Collection as part of the Downtown Writers Group.


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3 Responses to Flash Fiction by Ron Kolm

  1. Love it! I’m not truly, of course, in favor of people being menaced and robbed, but at times it occurs to me that a little selectively applied danger is just the ticket for today’s blithe young denizens of the LES and East Village.

  2. Amy Barone says:

    What an entertaining, piece. Have to admit I laughed out loud when I reached the ending, despite all the adversity. Way to go, Ron.

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