Fiction Editor Carol Reid has discovered some jewels to showcase this month. Our featured writer is Kristen Clanton, who also kindly agreed to an interview with Carol. Carol says of Kristen’s work: “Kristen Clanton excavates the layers of a child’s grief and the chambers of his heart in her featured story ‘A Vivid and Dazzling Thing.’.”

There’s a wide variety of tales from the netherworld and the real world in this debut issue of MadHat Lit unbound.  Carol tells us a bit about each writer and story. Dive in!

Raw, fresh, rhythmic and often funny as hell- Bud Smith.

Erica Plouffe Lazure’s story is a fable and a love story. Its fable-worthy sheep and aura of practical magic made me follow “The Red Thread” from beginning to end.

Chris Okum: Who ever said words can never hurt you? Try not to feel just a little bit eviscerated after reading Chris Okum’s story.

Two servings of flamboyant, nasty, slapstick noir, “A Walk in the Park,” and “Anything for Merwin,” from the flaming pen of David Spicer.

Tina Barry’s characters know how to get what they want, even when caught in the absurdity of middle age or outraged by betrayal. Don’t they?

Gary V. Powell is a master of storytelling sleight-of-hand. Here, four (or maybe three) guys walk into a bar…

Earth and ether commingle in Mitchell Grabois brief, beautiful story. “Scallops.”

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