heat turned up tonight lucifer disturbed and hopping

fretting mothers with radios turned low how high
fireworks come drumming down and timed so blindly

detachment in the service of another source flash
of recklessness done well perfect urge to stay the perfect
hand curfew field where lovers string along the shadows
as their mouths repeat the half-
remembered anthem sounds like siren sounds like dirge

that’s my mother’s house that’s our heart there
can you get me something different to wear

be stiller than before
and I’ll forgive you with my stomach turned to grief

every moment is a compromise license for the old stand
long ago retrieved coyotes draw their fists back

tingle at the slightest hurt I have only this one stutter
to remind you that my shoes are off already
by side of street
in dirt

Nancy Bevilaqua has worked as a case manager/counselor for people with AIDS and the homeless, and as a freelance travel writer. Her poems have been published in or accepted for future publication by Atticus Review, Apogee Journal, Tupelo Quarterly, Kentucky Review, Menacing Hedge, Construction, here/there, and other publications.

She is the author of Holding Breath: A Memoir of AIDS’ Wildfire Days, and will be publishing a poetry chapbook entitled Gospel in the near future.

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2 Responses to “Blackouts (Dog Days, 2014)” by Nancy Bevilaqua

  1. Brett says:

    I love this!

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