Visual Art painting by Leonard Kogan

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Leonard Kogan’s current works attempt to address issues such as assimilation and dissimilation, displacement and migration. The hybrid, the incomplete and the fragmentary are underlying principles of Leonard’s visual representations. These ideas are conceptualized via portrayal of sequence-images, imperfectly clonal repetitions, rebus and moments of exuberant melancholy. Leonard Kogan currently lives and works in New York and Baltimore.


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2 Responses to A Painting by Leonard Kogan

  1. Valeriya Gaysinskaya says:

    Leonard’s art often speaks to me in sentences no words can formulate. This one is a wonder too. Damn its good…

  2. Marina Gaysinskaya says:

    This Art performed in my favorite colors. The blue-yellow dominant environment makes me feel like in the shore of
    a mountain pond. Lovely painting.

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