001 Knowledge

Including history, description, critical appraisal of intellectual activity in general;
increase, modification, dissemination of information and understanding

.9 Controversial knowledge

Including well-established phenomena for which explanations are
controversial; the end of the world

Class here interdisciplinary works on controversial knowledge and paranormal

For paranormal phenomena, see 130. For controversial knowledge
concerning a specific discipline or subject, see the discipline or subject,
e.g., paranormal and legendary as subjects of folklore 398.4, Piltdown man
hoax 569.9, controversial medical remedies 615.856, an alleged conspiracy
to assassinate John F. Kennedy 973.922

See Manual at 001.9 and 130

Manual note at 001.9 and 130:

Controversial knowledge [and] Paranormal phenomena

001.9 and 130 both pertain to topics in the twilight realms of half-knowledge,
topics that refuse either to be disproved or to be brought into the realm of cer-
tain and verifiable knowledge. Certain characteristics of a work are good indi-
cators that they belong in either 001.9 or 130:

1. A claim of access to secret or occult sources;

2. A rejection of established authority;

3. A pronounced reverence for iconoclasts, for laymen-become-experts;

4. An uncritical acceptance of lay observation of striking phenomena;

5. A fixation on the unexplained, the enigmatic, the mysterious;

6. A confidence verging on certainty in the existence of conspiracies and the
working of malevolent forces;

7. An acknowledgment of the powers of extraterrestrial beings or intelli-
gences (other than religious beings).

Phenomena classed in 130 are closely linked to human beings–the human
mind, human capabilities and powers, human happiness. Phenomena classed in
001.9 are not closely linked to humans. In case of doubt, and for interdiscipli-
nary works, prefer 001.9.

.94 Mysteries

Reported phenomena not explained, not fully verified
Including Atlantis, Bermuda Triangle, pyramid power
Class here nonastronomical extraterrestrial influences on earth

See also 900 for Atlantis as a subject of archeology

.942 Unidentified flying objects (UFOs, Flying saucers)

.944 Monsters and related phenomena
Including abominable snowman. Loch Ness monster

See also 590 for animals whose reality is not controversial

.95 Deceptions and hoaxes
Class a hoax that influenced history with the hoax in 900, e.g., False Dmitri

.96 Errors, delusions, superstitions


* * *


James Wagner the author of Work Book (Nothing Moments, 2007), Trilce (Calamari Press, 2006), the false sun recordings (3rd bed, 2003), and several chapbooks. His poetry, fiction, and reviews have appeared in The American Poetry Review, The Baffler, Boston Review, Denver Quarterly, Fence, Jubilat, McSweeney’s, and many other places.

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